Paymaster Lounge

Paymaster Lounge (1020 NW 17th Ave) was established in Portland, Oregon's Pearl Arts District on July 7, 2011. We are a full service bar (open 2 PM - 2:30 AM every day) with 7 beers and one hard cider on tap, fresh squeezed juices, slushy cocktails, liquor infusions, and daily cocktail specials. Our bar has outdoor seating in the front with a fully covered, heated patio out back. We also have pinball, video games, an outdoor pool table, and a television lounge with all Blazer games, World Cup soccer and other sporting events. If there's something you would like to watch on the regular let us know…

Paymaster LoungeOur delicious menu ranges from small bites to full meals, with Happy Hour specials from 2-6 PM. We serve all natural Cascade Natural beef burgers, Zenner's sausages, and beef/ tofu chili with our own proprietary chili powder. Paymaster Lounge also offers salads, veggie burgers, nachos, and dairy-free options for our vegan or vegetarian patrons.

Paymaster Lounge was originally named Balls the Cat's Moonshine Kitchen and Lounge in homage to the Red's Pure Old Panther Piss prohibition moonshine label. While no one objected to the cat's actions, a certain sister city to the South wanted the name moonshine all to themselves. In an attempt to stay one step weirder than Portland, these Texans challenged us and all other moonshiners to a day in court. Like any good bootlegger, rather than face the law, we chose to revisit our own history, when the Pearl district was a series of warehouses and our building was the Paymaster Check Writers & Signers Swingline Business Machine Company. The old sign remains in place above our door. Come visit us and experience Paymaster Lounge for yourself.